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between the 7 of you working on this movie and you failed to raise an eyebrow with me sorry but this movie is ok on the animation side but for comedy im afraid not and for that reason you get a poor 5

how did i miss this

I loved the first film but this is absolutely amazing 10 times better than the first,
amazing work i cant belive i didnt see this on madness day amazing animation my friend amazing music :D

absolutely. . .

amazing If this just had the right music this movie could be so much more awesome, absolutely loved it, the varity was by far the best though I'm getting annoyed with krinkles lack of ideas, he's creativity has some what lacked over the last 2 years and your movie for me made the madness combat series quite refreshing awesome work my friend and hope to see more great films in the future :D

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its ok

Not my cup of tea but good scripting none the less well done

Its good but. . .

Look just being honest but this game is not only repetative but it just lacks originality it looks to be simply made saying this it does provide a good amount of fun but its one of those games id never come back to play again im sorry to say this even though i did like the game i just thought it could be improved in alot of ways hope to see more games from you in the future though

cool beans

Never was a fan of the 8bit era but this game is really fun with all the characters abilitys in a mario game definatly puts a spin on a classic well done my friend :D

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Loving this song, beautifully made. look forward to hearing more

I used to be a massive fan of all the Techno music on Newgrounds but it really took a nose dive in the last few years, this however is the exception, really liked it. 3 years was worth the wait.

Toobyeler responds:

Thank you kindly for saying so! I prefer to be a bit old fashioned or i guess modernize the old fashions. So i'll always try to make something from as many eras as i can handle.

What on earth!? I leave this place for 4 years and you become this good!, nice progression man real nice

Great song you seem to have mastered timing well.. beautifully, truly amazing.

Step responds:

Wowww, haven't seen you in so long! Feeling so much nostalgia of my old Windows songs now haha.

Really cool of you to drop by again. Glad you liked this track, and I'm thrilled that you think I made such an improvement. Thanks for reviewing!

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i like this pic loads looks like some sort of virus :D oh and dude below needs to chill out its only a pic :D


what programme did you make this in please tell me you can convert make this in 3ds format this is amazing


Looks almost as if its done in 3d

My name is Sean Smith I make movies and games but not on flash I hope someone could help me convert them

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