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the power of three lol

2009-08-26 16:23:38 by Project8024

ok so all my main characters are finished now got the sub characters to do

the power of three lol

And then there were 2

2009-08-25 16:22:53 by Project8024

My second character in the film

And then there were 2

Im getting there

2009-08-25 14:01:47 by Project8024

So ive made one of many characters i wish to make for my film tell me what you think guys

Im getting there

ok im having alot of trouble trying to draw a face is there any tutorials on how to draw faces?? thanks for your help

Time for some flash movies

2009-08-24 10:41:21 by Project8024

Ok so im gonna seriously try to learn flash now, ive been putting it off for years but todays the day i start I have flash CS4 or something with bones tool! makes animating really easy and im gonna be the first person to truly encorparate 3d into my films 2d with 3d is rubbish? i hear you say. . . wait till you've seen my movies

Hey Im a newbie

2009-08-23 05:50:29 by Project8024

Hey fellow newgrounders My name is Sean Smith and I m 20 years old I am a massive fan of flash games and movies I have been for over 7 years now I make my own animations but i use a programme called director I need help either converting them or learning flash Leave comments freely and i hope I'll be well known on this site one day